Shaping Lifeplace Cultures


Through People and Smart Technologies 

Our Vision

To bring Lifeplace© culture to every organization in the world.

Our Core Values

People are Never the Problem

Dependable Solutions


Our Focus

Founded in 1985

Watts & Associates is a socially responsible—non-niche— specific consultancy firm and the vanguard for "Lifeplace Culture".  Our consultancy, training and coaching competencies are employed, at the intersection of people and smart technologies , to co-design strategies —with like minded clients, to shape Lifeplace cultures for their benefit and those they serve.

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We consistently generate high ratings —across a broad and diverse domestic and international clientele — that are non-niche specific:


  • Public Sector
    • Education—colleges, universities, high schools, elementary schools
    • Local and federal government agencies
    • First Nation Tribes
    • US Veterans
    • US Army
    • Religious organizations
    • Department of Corrections
  • Private
    • Financial—banking, investments, insurance
    • Manufacturing— software, computers, steel workers
    • Education
    • Nonprofits—community organizers, youth development, women empowerment, addiction management
    • Healthcare—hospitals, medical centers, pharma
    • Logistics
    • Transportation





Dr. Watts Living Out Our Social Responsibility