Our Lifeplace Training and Coaching Approach


 Our Lifeplace Training and Coaching Approach




Our Lifeplace approach to training begins with a clarification that training is not the same or a substitute for coaching.  Moreover, accountable is essential for shaping a Lifeplace culture — consequently,  defining the difference between training and coaching is critical — since coaching is how the long-term integration of training occurs.

To borrow an example from the field of athletics, "training is what occurs to prepare athletes and coaches for a coming season, it is not what takes place once the season begins, coaching  does… "

(Dr. Robert Watts).

Our Lifeplace coaching approach emphasizes — coaching should not be relegated to what happens in the "other world" after gaps in performance or behavior go from "soft to hard."  As such, coaching should not be procured as a last resource intervention — triage  coaching is the result, and it seldom, if ever, generates the impact required. Consequently, resources are wasted, human capital lost, and a stigma is attached to the coaching experience by clients.

For the Lifeplace coach — coaching is where the action is at!

Hence, coaching is introduced as a proactive and planned part of the training design.  This strategy is critical for successful integration given the fast pace of business today.

Moreover, for coaching to be successful, it is essential that the learner enjoy the experience — this is the Lifeplace way. To this end, multi learning styles  are embedded seamlessly in training models. This way, learners can move smoothly to supervised action while the knowledge is organized and fresh.



Our training and coaching modes:


In person


On the SOIG platform (See link below)

Zoom video conferencing

Our Lifeplace Virtual Consulting, Training, and Coaching Partner 


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