Our Lifeplace Consultancy Approach


We deploy our Lifeplace Value Design Model for each client engagement. Specifically, the model is applied remotely for hybrid cultures, and in person—to implement a Lifeplace or to assess and strength it.  All processes are structured and organized — ensuring accuracy, flexibility consistency, and trackability of alignment to all activities with client goals, policies, and values. 


Structured Remote and In Person Discovery

Needs, Goals, Strengths

Structured Action Steps 

Accurate, Flexible, Consistent, Trackable

 Value Realized

   Client Desired Results


Learning, Assessment, Diagnosis Solution Model

We employ L.A.D.S.© (Learning Assessing Diagnosing Solution) as an action learning and research process, as the “how”  of our  Lifeplace Value Design Model.  The process of Learning, Assessment, Diagnosis, and Solution generation, make the consultancy experience client centered, organized, structured, and interactive — ensuring generic or customized solutions are identified and properly implemented. 

LADS Four Step Consultancy Model 


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