Brisha Young


Brisha Young joined the SOIG team in 2018, as a Strategic Corporate Channel Partner to Watts and Associates, focused on developing new business opportunities and providing consultancy in the area of HR business strategy and HR systems management.

Brisha is a Human Resources Strategist who is focused on enabling companies to answer the most pressing questions relating to human capital management and organization design. With her wealth of knowledge in the Human Resources field, Brisha brings an analytical rigor and creative flair which leads to fresh insights to help accelerate business growth.

As a true believer in “People are never the problem”, Brisha embraced the concept and book titled by Dr. Robert Watts; knowing people’s leadership is the key to a successful organization.

Brisha has built a successful career as a Human Resources professional. For over a decade, she has helped organizations tackle some of the most important challenges by strengthening strategic planning, enriching company core values, helping grow leadership development programs, and championing diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives throughout the organization.

Brisha remains dedicated to her passion for leadership development and in creating efficient business management strategies.