Kenny—Leigh Malgas 

KL Colour Photo


Kenny — Leigh Malgas joined the SOIG team in 2022, as a Strategic Corporate Channel Partner to Watts and Associates, focused on developing new business opportunities and providing consultancy to clients on the continent of Africa.  Kenny is an optimistic tech-enthusiast at heart —always focusing to see the best in his environment and himself.  Adept as a leader and follower; he contributes both attributes situationally, enthusiastically and with a high commitment.

He has excelled in leading executive level technology, sales, finance, and marketing teams.  His acuity in situational awareness has allowed him to adapt to most environments — and respond timely, and appropriately to issues concerning team members and customers.  

Kenny became a licensed airplane pilot at the age of 17 and has worked on television commercials and music videos.  Yet, his passion is in the empowerment of people and businesses.