The Engage Newsletter is named to emphasize the critical point of human contact for long term human and business sustainability. Engagement is where culture and business intersect. Significantly, it is where leadership and contributors develop mutual benefit and trust. Moreover, interpersonal competencies ethics, and values alignment are honed at the point of engagement.

Chief Solution Officer SOIG Founder
Robert Watts, Pys.D


ello and thank you for taking a few moments to re-engage the Engage Newsletter.  Like us at Watts & Associates, I am sure you all have been, in one way or another, impacted by COVID - 19. The pandemic affected us in a myriad of ways, one of which was the temporary postponement of the production of the Engage Newsletter. Excitingly, in this edition we are introducing readers to the term, "Voluntary Engagement", that will be the overarching theme of the newsletter and a concept we are using to shape healthy culture growth in organizations.

In over thirty years of research and consultancy in organizational development, we have learned that talent engagement (See Gallup engagement, 2022) along with their alignment with organizational goals, are among the most reliable indicators of long term organizational sustainability. During our consultancies we found that frequently occurring attitudes associated with engagement emerged as well as the need to coach clients to better recognize and manage the undercurrents associated with it.  To this end, the terms "mandatory engagement" and "voluntary engagement" were assigned.

Specifically, mandatory engagement describes an attitude of tolerance for "prescribed leadership" and a marginal interest in work. This type of engagement was identified as having a partiality for "subcultures" and "emergent leaders" often occurring in organizations without clearly stated core values, SMART goals and policies and procedures that would empower talent as "shaping agents" of the culture.

Conversely, voluntary engagement describes an attitude of "volition" characterized by a commitment to the organization's work, adaptability to change in the culture, and a respect and trust in prescribed leadership. We found that voluntary engagement consistently existed in organizations with clearly stated core values, Smart goals and policies and procedures that empowered talent as shaping agents of the culture.

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We are excited to announce that the Engage Newsletter will provide information to support the creation of voluntary engagement. To this end, this offering  provides tips for healthy living, innovative suggestions for achieving healthy culture and growth in organizations, and strategies for making your personal relationships soar and much more....

All the best, and stay safe.


We are beyond excited to welcome you to the SOIG Talk Podcast.  SOIG Talk is hosted by Dr. Robert Watts - Wills; Robert is the founder of Watts and Associates (W&A).  Our firm is an organizational development (OD) consultancy; proudly, we have been a vanguard in the organizational healthy space since 1985.  In this regard, W&A has delivered value to the nonprofit and for-profit sectors as leadership advisors, strategic planning consultants, capacity trainers and coaches, Ombudspersons, change practitioners, and keynote presenters.

Notably, Dr. Watts is a recognized transformational speaker, "OD thought leader and digital OD architect." He is the creator of SOIG (Show Observe Interact Grow), the unique hybrid mobile talent management platform that is taking the pain away from leading and managing talent.  Robert is the author of the acclaimed books "People Are Never The Problem," and 'Swim SidewayZ," L.A.D.S." (Learning Assessing, Diagnosing, and Solutions) and "The Plastic -Coated Leaf."  Dr. Watts borrows from his award-winning university teaching and Hall of Fame football career to bring energy, structure, exciting anecdotes, and principles to each speaking engagement and podcast.

The Engage Team

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OCTOBER 19TH, 2022
"Shaping Healthy Culture and Growth"




December 10th
"Achieving Success After Football"


Zack Follette, CEO/Owner

Kuppa Joy Coffee Houses
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Former NFL Linebacker
Detroit Lions
10:00 AM - 10:30 AM
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Treat Yourself Like The Gift That You Are!

Treat Yourself 2

As children our parents and guardians told not to talk while we had food in our mouths; that instruction was to teach us good table manners, as well as to keep us from choking on our food. Both were sage advice of our parents and guardians.

As adults, we find it a challenge to adhere to those instructions, as we try to fulfill professional expectations in a 12 – 16-hour workday. Consequently, mealtimes become unhealthy or dangerous affairs, e.g., a '"lap-meal"behind the wheel or a hurried dinner conversations witfamily or a significant other.

Remember, for every instance we miss an opportunity to truly enjoy the nutritional sustenance provided to us, we lose a moment to be peaceful and thankful.