Presentations for Organizational and Personal Growth

Dr. Watts                     "The Experience"

Dr. Watts is an experience that reverberates into the next generation.

Dr. Watts Breakthrough Concepts:

  • S.O.I.G. It! (Intersection of people and smart technology)  Taking the pain away from leading and managing in the digital age. 
  • "People are Never the Problem - Refuse To Play the Blame Game!"   
  • Manage Yourself; Not Your Time.
  • “Swim "Sidewayz- Leading and Living in the Strong Currents of Life and Business". 
  • "You are the Course, Now Teach It and Get What You’ve Always Wanted from life and business".
  • "Be an Agent for Change with S.O.A.R!"

To hire Dr. Watts to make a presentation at your next event, please call 855-DR-WATTS or email [email protected]


One Hour Presentation Fees:

Live Event: United States $5,000–$12,000

Virtual Event: United States $5,000 $8,000

Live Event: International $12,000–$20,000

Virtual Event: International  $ 5,000 - $10,000  

*20% discount for nonprofit, military veterans, differently abled, women and minority owned businesses.

Client Profile Sheet

Client Profile Sheet